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About Us

We are a small company in Vienna, Austria, working on creating a sustainable future.

Andras Szalay greenager

Andras Szalay


Mate Orobej


Ida Bürgermeister


Tünde Fadgyas

product developer

András Szalay started Greenager as a school project in 2019. He wanted to enable fighting
for Climate Justice, not only at Fridays for Future Demonstrations, but anywhere, anytime.

Therefore, we print second hand-shirts with texts for Climate Justice,
and sell them to climate-aware people.


So we decided to create a sustainable concept, and ended up not only with a climate-neutral but actually a climate-positive one:

 – Collect second hand-shirts in Vienna.
 – Handprint them with designs for the climate, in order to achieve more attention on this topic.
 – Use screen-print technique, one of the most sustainable printing techniques.

 Finally, we invest 100% of our profit in renewable energy.
Every sixth months, via a crowdfunding-platform, we invest in a Renewable Energy Project, which you can vote for and find on our homepage. After three years we are planning to create our own Renewable Energy Project: Cheap, small Hydroelectric Water Turbines, in order to make them accessible for the masses, for them to create their own renewable energy.

Tünde Fadgyas

product developer