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Greenager is taking part in the Social Impact Award this year. So we are asking you to:

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collected, and screen printed in Vienna.


collected, and screen printed in Vienna.

collected, and screen printed in Vienna.

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100% Reused shirts

100% Handprinted in Vienna

We invest 100% of profit in green energy

What our customers say


Werner Kogler

vice chancellor, austria

„Engagement für den Klimaschutz ist jetzt wichtiger denn je – deshalb unterstütze ich euch weiter gern und halte mein Tshirt, das ich 2019 gekauft habe, immer noch in Ehren.“

Johannes Stangl

Strategy and Coordination, Fridays For Future

Die Designs adressieren die Klimakrise, die T-Shirts sind second hand und mit dem Kauf eines Greenager Shirts unterstützt du auch noch den Ausbau von Erneuerbaren Energien. So muss sozial-ökologisches Unternehmertum von Morgen aussehen!


100% reused clothes?

The textile industry is one of the worst polluters, so by choosing the greener alternatives you will make a positive impact.

There is no greener alternative than to reuse the clothes.

No Animal Was Harmed
Zero Co2 Emissions

Change Politics

Not Climate

The science of climate change is clear. Scientists know that the Earth is warming and that humans are the reason. We also know that the Earth will continue to warm in the future; however, we can do something about it. We can dramatically change the trajectory. 

With your new t-shirt You can demonstrate for the future not only on friday at the Climate Strike , but every time, everywhere!

green energy

We spend 100% of our Profit for green energy